Maintenance of Equinor’s refinery


Since 2017

Surface treatment of pipes, tanks, and piers.

Equnior’s refinery in Kalundborg is constantly affected by the rough environment on the harbor with salt water and sea fog. All surfaces are exposed to corrosion. Since August 2007, MMT Group has provided ongoing maintenance and treatment of all types of surfaces on the refinery.

Special environmental caution

Among other things, we have protected several hundred meters on the piers using both ordinary coating and Stopaq®, which wraps the pillars and protects them for a minimum of 30 years. Part of the work is carried out under difficult conditions where out employees have to lie on a barge under the piers to treat the surfaces. We take special caution to ensure that the paint does not spill or drip into the water and affect the environment.

Approved for demanding tasks

Working in places with oil and gas requires special permissions. Naturally, MMT Group has hot work permits and EX approved equipment. For Equinor, it is a special advantage that as the only supplier in Denmark, we can perform surface treatment with STOPAQ®. STOPAQ requires a less pre-treatment of the surface than ordinary coating. This means that the work can be carried out faster and without some of the measures otherwise required for hot work. This means large savings for Equinor, especially when it comes to acute damage repair.

100 years of durability under water

In MMT Group, we have done our small part in ensuring that soon, natural gas will be safely transported through the Baltic Pipeline. For NorSea, we have sandblasted and coated the pipeline so that it is now …

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