Securing the quality of deliveries from Bladt Industries

Bladt Industries

Since 2014

Inspection, quality control, surface treatment of steel elements for offshore and maritime customers.

When Bladt Industries deliver foundations and other steel constructions to the offshore, oil, and gas industries, the surfaces must meet strict demands and safety requirements.

Our inspectors make sure that they do so. Aside from performing the final control, we also perform work such as surface treatment of foundations for a number of offshore windmill parks.

Quality control of surfaces

Before we hand over a steel construction to a customer, the surface undergoes thorough scrutiny. Everything must be correctly treated, so there is no risk of breaches, corrosion, or fire. Since 2014, Bladt Industries have used our inspectors to secure the final quality control of their steel constructions. Our inspectors are FROSIO III certified, which means that they have the highest education in surface inspection. Several of them are also educated in the corresponding American certification scheme, NACE.

Sandblasting and coating

Concurrently, we also do sandblasting and coating of constructions. For instance, we have surface treated foundations for the offshore windmill parks Hornsea TWO, Horns Rev III, Kriegers Flak, Sandbank, Gode Wind 1 and 1, and Wikinger.

In MMT Group, we are proud that our work always meets the high quality standards that energy suppliers have for offshore windmill foundations, just like we are proud that our work contributes to the green transition.


Bladt Industries is a company that basically welds and paint steel structures within renewable wind energy, offshore and general steel constructions (infrastructure).

Bladt Industries have hired in MMT Group in several projects during the last 7-8 years. MMT have executed coating works and inspections according to our client s requirements and our expectations.

MMT Group is recommended for similar coating work and inspections.

Henrik Jensen
Afdelingschef/Department Manager Bladt Industries A/S

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