You and the environment have a common interest in your pipes and tubes getting the longest possible life-span. With STOPAQ® that’s exactly what you get. We know it and we vouch for it. That’s why you always get a 30 year warranty when you buy a STOPAQ solution from us.

STOPAQ is a fast, efficient and permanent solution for sealing of steel pipes. This sealing method is used in the oil, gas and manufacturing industries, among others.

The sealing can be used on almost all types of steel pipes in cold as well as warm temperatures and without special cleaning. You avoid grinding and the sand from sand blasting.

As certified STOPAQ partner, we ensure that your pipes are sealed correctly and remain intact for years and years.

Maintenance of Equinor's refinery

Equnior’s refinery in Kalundborg is constantly affected by the rough environment on the harbor with salt water and sea fog. All surfaces are exposed to corrosion. Since August 2007, MMT Group has provided ongoing maintenance and treatment ...

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