100 years of durability under water


Since 2019

Surface treatment of pipeline, kettles, tanks, platforms, and steel constructions.

In MMT Group, we have done our small part in ensuring that soon, natural gas will be safely transported through the Baltic Pipeline. For NorSea, we have sandblasted and coated the pipeline so that it is now protected against corrosion for 100 years, even though it is underwater. The long protection of the Baltic Pipeline comes from coating it with a product called CANUSA. We have the experience and the expertise it takes to find the right materials and the right solution for even the most demanding tasks.

Kettles ready on time

Our collaboration with NorSea includes many different tasks. In the Skærbæk Power Station, we have cleaned and coated the big tanks. The work was done while the station was closed for maintenance. Our experienced project managers and dedicated employees ensure that our work is always done on time.

Offshore platform and ships

We also helped NorSea prepare ships for installation of windmills. For each new task a windmill ship goes on, a new iron construction matching the foundations is welded onto it. That requires processing and coating so that the surfaces do not rust during the rough trips at sea. And we have also been at sea ourselves when we helped NorSea treat the surface of the offshore platform Maersk Resolute where we, among other things, prepared the anchor storage and ballast tanks.


Competent and reliable Company with focus on cooperation, service and quality.

We have used MMT as our selected partner. The reason for this is that they are very solution-oriented doing common projects. They are determined and helpful throughout the entire collaboration.

They contribute with many great ideas, for how we are been able to tackle different tasks and challenges. They have proven to be not only good at getting the ideas, but foremost execution part.

Kind regards

Torben Rubin Iversen
General Manager, NorSea Denmark A/S,

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