Competent know-how and flexibility
on land, at sea and in the air

MMT Group A/S is a professional and flexible business partner in the discipline of surface treatment.
We work both onshore and offshore, as well as in the air, where we provide overall solutions ‒ including hiring out professional crew ‒ referred to as “Specialized Workforce”.

Since its inception in 2005, MMT Group A/S has evolved from merely dealing with crew hire to today being able to offer the ‘whole package’ within surface treatment ‒ including project management and inspection work.

At present, the company has 20 experienced permanent employees. There is also a close-knit crew of 60-80 specialized personnel who can be included in the jobs at short notice, and both for short and long periods as required.

All of our crews have the relevant professional experience, and all undergo a thorough site test before being sent to the job/customer. The site test includes ‘Quality control of the work’ and ‘Health and safety training’.
Safety is a high priority at MMT Group A/S. Therefore, all employees are continually updated in the required courses ‒ year after year.

MMT Group A/S performs ‒ and has performed ‒ work throughout Northern and Central Europe. Our extensive supplier network, which is distributed throughout Europe, enables us to meet virtually every wish and need, as well as deliver high quality at reasonable prices throughout Europe.

You can always count on MMT Group A/S!
With us, a deal is a deal! On land and at sea, as well as in the air.

The history of MMT Group A/S

Ronni Madsen established MMT Group A/S in 2005. It was then for the purpose of hiring crews for various jobs such as automotive paint, coating, surface treatment, sandblasting, etc.
At the start, the company employed only two men, but to date, the number of permanent employees has increased tenfold, and the staff of external partners has grown explosively.
The crew hire market developed surprisingly quickly. Therefore, both the office and warehouse premises were rapidly established. Subsequently, both Ronni and two of his employees were Frosio-trained, and then the company was also able to offer project management and inspection work to customers.

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